Monday, July 5, 2010

What Can we do with a Santa hat?

There are several out there but here are a few more. (probably ones you have heard of already)

1.) Fill it up with bags of home-baked goodies (peanut brittle, spiced mixed nuts, etc or even an assortment of candy bars.)

2.) Fill it up with some snacks and a homemade coupon book for your sweetie, kids or whomever. Or even gift cards to the movies, eating place, gas or video store. (could do microwave popcorn)

3.) The big hats you could use under plates as placemats. The little ones you can use by each setting and put in a favor of some type.

4.) Can hang one on a door or gate upside down with a bouquet of greenery and holly in it.

5.) On a mantel hang them upside down with a bell and a name to resemble stockings.

6.) Along the line of using as a gift basket:
dog bones and treats
cat toys
gardener-seeds, books, etc
crafter-yarn, needles, pattern books, floss (cross stitching), etc
sewer-needles, thread, scissors, a scissor sharpener (love mine-was like $7 or 8 at Wal-Mart. When they had material and stuff)
student-pens, notebooks, sticky notes
scrapbook-glue dots, stickers
women or girls-lotion, booties, files
man-snacks, scratch off lottery tickets (anybody likes those)
golfer-balls, tees, gloves

The little ones are cute for favors at church too. Fill with lotion, lip chap etc

And of course you normally bring smiles to some if you just wear one doing the season when you are out and about. Others want nothing to do with the season!

Hope this helps all your creative ideals to start flowing!


Anonymous said...

Great ideas!!

Anonymous said...

Great ideas Lana! I like the first one regarding using the hat to package baked goods. That would be fun!!