Sunday, February 20, 2011

There is errors I know, BUT....

at least I am learning some of the basics. Tom night is the last night and we are to bind it and then she will show us how to put it together, mark it and quilt. At least that is the plan. Wish it was another week and she would really be able to show us it all.

The errors:
appliques not perfect
blocks do not meet up~~the best
and the red inner border is crooked on 2 sides. Ruler slipped and I didn't notice till the yellow was on. Will see tom.. It is 10:30 now.
Could be wrong but not all material was 100% cotton so I think some of the material stretched.
It is laying up over the couch here, so not flat.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

All seasons are done

Late last summer I started making these covers to put over this duck tape weight thingy that we use in our drive up drawer at work. Tonight I finished the last 4 so should be done unless I do one for back to school. Will see.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Class project

Yesterday I sewed the 4 patch squares together and also ironed on the items to the white block.

Tonight at class we will start to applique them.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Top picture is of a bench I have in my room that my grandpa made years and years ago and I took it out of my great grandparents barn. The rocker was my grandmas and the little black chair is mine from childhood.

The 25 my grandparents use to make for everybodys ann.. My g'pa died in May 05 and I was married 25 yrs. in 8-05. When we were cleaning his house we found one that had been cut out but not painted up so my parents had planned on doing it for us and then my dad died in 6-05 so my mom fixed it for us. Then we buried my g'ma on my 25th ann.. So it means alot to me. Then the bottom 25 is one that my grandparents did for my great aunt (they use to do halves) so the year I had my 25th and the great aunt and then her sister was down for g'mas funeral and they were thinking I wouldn't get one so gave me hers.

Items I made this afternoon

I was off today not feeling to good, and by afternoon I was doing better and so tired of laying I sewed up 2 burp rags, 2 bibs and 2 pee pee teepees for my cousins showere on Sat..

Marriage Saying

This was on the front of my wedding invitation.

This can be read by enlarging twice.

Us 3 sisters

My oldest sister is the first frame (7-78 now divorced), I am the second one (8-80) and then my younger sister by 17 1/2 yrs (5-04). She was my flower girl.

Can enlarge twice.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Son repainting his room

His room has been like this for several years now and he has been talking for the last 2 or 3 years to repaint it so Sat. out of the blue he wanted to go to Lowes and get the paint.

He is thinking of doing 2 walls in each color. Then the trim and ceiling in the other. His room so whatever. He went today and found a chest, dresser and night stand at a flea market~ antique place. He will get a bigger bed down the road too.

He isn't sure on the ceiling, I would prefer ceiling white but will see what he decides.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Reminds me of....

Out the drive up window on Thursday all the ice on the ground was shimmering in the sun and it reminded you of bubbles in a tub.

When you enlarge it you can kinda see the colors.

Need help finding a pattern

I know it was last fall that I ran across a blog that had a pattern for a cover to put over little boys when you change their diapers and now I can't find it. Thought I saved it but I have alot saved. My cousin is having a shower next Sat. for their son to be and thought that would be cute with the bibs and burp rags I have to do yet.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2nd day of ice

I know ice makes for very dangerous situations but it is pretty. By all means I can do without it. We haven't lost power and it wasn't on roads. Has played a pretty number on our pine trees and the dogwood tree. The sun was out just a few times today while I was at work and it really glistened.

Sorry the one picture got on here twice. But if you enlarge it twice you can see limbs down at the other end.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pictures from 2-1-11

Just a few pictures in the afternoon when work closed and I got home. Since then several limbs especially from our pine trees by the driveway have came cracking down and some in back yard.

My son and daughter out walking for pictures. They said the woods were just full of cracks and falling limbs. They didn't go thru it. We are still getting rain.

Power keeps flickering.