Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Top picture is of a bench I have in my room that my grandpa made years and years ago and I took it out of my great grandparents barn. The rocker was my grandmas and the little black chair is mine from childhood.

The 25 my grandparents use to make for everybodys ann.. My g'pa died in May 05 and I was married 25 yrs. in 8-05. When we were cleaning his house we found one that had been cut out but not painted up so my parents had planned on doing it for us and then my dad died in 6-05 so my mom fixed it for us. Then we buried my g'ma on my 25th ann.. So it means alot to me. Then the bottom 25 is one that my grandparents did for my great aunt (they use to do halves) so the year I had my 25th and the great aunt and then her sister was down for g'mas funeral and they were thinking I wouldn't get one so gave me hers.


Leann said...

What a sad but sweet story of family love! So glad that you got one/two for yourselves.

What treasures with the furniture and all!


Cyndi said...

Family heirlooms are just the best, arent' they? Especially when they were handmade by someone you love so much. I'm glad that you got your "25"!



Julie Harward said...

Thats so nice, I love the chairs, how nice to have them :D