Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2nd day of ice

I know ice makes for very dangerous situations but it is pretty. By all means I can do without it. We haven't lost power and it wasn't on roads. Has played a pretty number on our pine trees and the dogwood tree. The sun was out just a few times today while I was at work and it really glistened.

Sorry the one picture got on here twice. But if you enlarge it twice you can see limbs down at the other end.


Cyndi said...

You are so right, Lana. It looks beautiful, but it can be so dangerous and damaging to trees and shrubs, not to mention gutters! Those are lovely photos!



Julie Harward said...

It is beautiful..when I lived in Idaho we had that kind of cold but not here. Stay safe :D

Leann said...

Our ice has melted somewhat, but they are calling for another mix to come overnight here again.

Stay warm!