Sunday, December 27, 2009

Baby Lambs

This set of twins was born about 9 this a.m.. It's a boy and girl. They are up and running and jumping. The others are just some of the other sheep. It flurried around all day and that is what we have gotten. That is the most so far this year. (Southern Illinois) Have 7 more to have babies.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Gooseberry Patch

Gooseberry Patch is having a sale.

12 Days of Christmas Swap Gifts

I received some great and useful gifts from the swap I was in. Very talented ladies.

Click to enlarge

(they are on the new soft throw my sister got me)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Our tree

Daughter and her BF on couch

Son on floor

Christmas Eve

Had to get a picture of oldest niece on here. She is 6.

Her dad and sister by her~~background my mom at the table, husband and sister in kitchen

Christmas Eve

middle niece (4)playing santa with the trash bag

nephew (3)

niece, daughter,her BF and my son

dd, her bf, son and niece

Christmas Eve

My baby sister and her DH

My daughter and her BF laughing at Santa (my son)


Playing dirty bingo

Ornaments made from g'mas old quilts

In this picture only the mitten has been sewn around. I did a set of all 3 for my 2 sisters, and mom. Still have to do mine and DD's.

Cut out from cookie cutters.

Can enlarge.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Starting on Trays

First tray will go out today, to where DD works.

Son helping with fudge

My daughter and husband working on truffles.

Think I was supervising and taking pictures! Actually, I was getting everything out for people.

DD works in sign language so that is what her shirt means.

Sunday, December 13, 2009




bear that sits on top of kids books
Grandma made door decoration
stick horses parents made my kids years ago


Cypress Knee Santas
A globe and angel that was my grandmas
gingerbread made by parents
kitchen tree


Kitchen (didn't get the lighted garland up on top cabinets and around windows)
Grater was my grandmas
Wreath made several years ago by DD's BF mom
snowman and Santa done by my parents

More Decorations

I put wrapping paper in china cabinet
Snowflakes that DH and DD did by melting beads inside cookie cookies a few years ago
Church collection
I have a church that belonged to each of my great grandmas and then my grandparents.

Some of 2009 Christmas Decorations

Only some of our Santas
Mirrors I put up on each side of curtain. Roddy on the back of recliner. DS got that we he was about 1 or 2 (he is 25)
Some of our snowmen and of course I leave out the Christmas Gooseberry Patch Books
Navity set my parents got us for our 1st Christmas in 1980

Can enlarge