Sunday, April 21, 2013



While we were outside this a.m. my son noticed that the cat had kittens in Shortys doghouse.  The cat by the tree showed up over a year ago and it sleeps with Shorty and lays with him outside during the day.  She had 5 and they were still wet.  2 appear dead, 1 weak but other 2 okay.  She doesn't get to near of people but getting better.  So Shorty will be moved somewhere else.  He wouldn't hurt them but just going in and out of the house would be the problem.
Last picture my son (on tractor) and his friend Mikey cutting down a dead pine tree.

Losing trees from the drought last year

The Dogwood in the top two got a good trim from the dead branches--hope it continues to grow, it blooms out so pretty and had such a pretty shape.

Middle is a tulip tree we had to pull up.

Last one is a Blue Spruce that had to go.

A dead pine tree that is coming down today.  When we moved here they said the pine trees were 18 yrs old and would like for us to leave them and we said had no plans to take them out but now at 44 yrs old one is going. :( 

We have also removed a beautiful Fire Bush and 3/4ths of a Lilac bush.

Material finds

The first 2 pictures are material I found at Goodwill last night.  The blue was 5 yards for $2.50 and the send was $2.50 also and it has the Christmas which are big circles and then about 3 yards of the flower. Also got some ties!

Last 2 is new material I purchased after work yesterday.  The solid pink is for a baby quilt and other 2 just to have.  The deer print for a quilt.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Making terrariums

My daughter Jaymee and I each made a terrarium today.  Mine is the shorter one and hers is the tall one with the lid on it.  The bottom layer is shells from my grandma that she had for years that we each used.  The shells on top of Jaymees or from thier trip for their 1 yr. ann. to Alabama.  The water beads I used were from Jaymees wedding! That was 5-21-11 and we have a 5 gallon and 3/4 of another 5 gallon bucket of them!  We see what they do in this.


We have 2 of our bluebird houses with 5 eggs each in them.  The first picture with bees they are in a cherry tree across the road on ours and the second one they are in a telephone post across the road farther down.  They were there in the post last year also.  Picture of the creek from road.

Flowers--they brighten your day

The last picture is of flowers that just showed up.  The purple flowers seem to pop up all over.

Few pictures of the garden.....

Asparagus....yummy! This is in a new bed so can't cut much of it. We have an older bed that we are cutting from.  Have some plants in 2 different places with cans around them.  Tomato cages along the edge--they won't go out for awhile yet. Can't wiat for the garden produce.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nieces Birthday Gifts

This afternoon is my nieces b'day.  She was 8 on the 10th.  She adores monkeys and then her favorite colors are green and red.  Made the pillowcases and will give a new pillow, the infinity scarf and a kleenex holder.  Just did the scarf today and red pillowcase.  Other stuff done back in February.


While I was sewing this a.m. Pickles found another place to lay.  I had opened the blind--normally she lays on my sewing area to the side while I sew.

Our friend at work in the landscraping

In 2011 we had a nest in the same general area.

A scene on my morning drive

The country way I take to and from work I pass this house.  It just always draws me to it and I wonder the stories that it holds.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

My sewing room

I am using my daughters bedroom as a sewing room. She married in May 2011 and I decided to claim it. I left the paint like she had it. I like bright colors. Have to paint the rocker white yet and put up some framed pictures of parts of my grandmas quilts. The couple of sewing baskets you can barely see are my grandmas. Have my great grandmas under the orange scarf on the table.  The box by the rocker is the one grandpa first made grandma when they got married, 1932. He just had a pocketknife to use to crave the handle.  It is blue and a butterfly painted on it.  Might get a cutting table yet--not sure.  I also think the white container at the end of the bed will go into the craft room because only the top 2 drawers hold thread or sewing related items.  I cannot find mini orange or yellow bins.