Thursday, April 18, 2013

Making terrariums

My daughter Jaymee and I each made a terrarium today.  Mine is the shorter one and hers is the tall one with the lid on it.  The bottom layer is shells from my grandma that she had for years that we each used.  The shells on top of Jaymees or from thier trip for their 1 yr. ann. to Alabama.  The water beads I used were from Jaymees wedding! That was 5-21-11 and we have a 5 gallon and 3/4 of another 5 gallon bucket of them!  We see what they do in this.


Luludou said...

Love terrariums. One day I'll try to make one. They are so lovely.

teachermomof2 said...

Love the terrariums. What kinds of plants did you use? That would be cool in the classroom.