Sunday, April 21, 2013



While we were outside this a.m. my son noticed that the cat had kittens in Shortys doghouse.  The cat by the tree showed up over a year ago and it sleeps with Shorty and lays with him outside during the day.  She had 5 and they were still wet.  2 appear dead, 1 weak but other 2 okay.  She doesn't get to near of people but getting better.  So Shorty will be moved somewhere else.  He wouldn't hurt them but just going in and out of the house would be the problem.
Last picture my son (on tractor) and his friend Mikey cutting down a dead pine tree.


Luludou said...

love the kittens

Leann said...

Aww that's sweet that they share his house. Hopefully the kittens make it.

Hope all is well!