Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Daughters

My daughter is getting married 3 weeks from today and they got tables for the front room and lamps now. 2 lamps like this and this table you have a pull out for your cups and a bin and the other one is alittle bigger with a drawer. This sofa table/sec. desk (opens up and lifts up) is for Boomer so she can see out the windows. Cubes are storage and seats. Have 2 more under another window.
Jaymee in her chair. Ryan has the couch.


Allen and Thomas cutting asparagus. Thomas is an outside cat and loves to be in the garden with you. He seems to know exactly where you are going next and there first.

Our green onions, garlic and peas. With the 13.9" of rain in April haven't gotten to weed any as you can well see. Peas need trellised.

More blooms of summer

Took the rabbit outfit off the goose and put on the rain gear. Hopefully it won't be needed anymore since we had 13.9" of rain since April 6th.

Around the fish pond is the spinning primrose that bloom about 8 at night and then die at night and more reopen. Smell good and they just spin when they bloom. All of those are starts from seeds that dropped last year.

Columbines, clematis and our first poppy popped yesterday. Saw 5 more out there this a.m..

Sunday, April 24, 2011


We sold our lambs and most of our ewes and got new ones. Love the brown and white one. One white one has a black and white spotted face.

Waters running wild

First picture is of a creek that goes thru our ground.

2nd one is of a creek farther in the country~~the water to the left of the trees is from the creek over running.
3rd is the overrun flooded field. Several places are looking like this now.

The cows are a few of our sons bosses. We were riding around looking at the waters and the cows were all by the fence.

Random shots from Easter

My great aunt and mom

BIL, husband, future SIL, daughter, sister and then the 2 nieces and nephew.

My son and Kristen.

Easter Pictures

Rabbits my mom made for my 2 nieces and nephew. My younger sister and mom, more eggs we dyed using silk ties.
Can click to enlarge pictures~~twice.

Afterall there is a

bar and a kitchen table!!!! I only wish it would stay this way. You would think with my age that I could accomplish that. My son has his cup on there~he is on the loveseat. My shelf back there is Gooseberry Cookbooks.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

It was a GREAT Sat. a.m.

This morning at work, I had a friend (and her husband) that I had met online through MHH stop by where I work. We only got to visit for a short time. Could of talked and talked. Such a very nice couple. It was GREAT to finally be able to meet her.

First picture is Mike and Becky and then Becky and I.

Only tried 2

Last night we only did did 2 eggs with the ties to see how it works. It is really cool but as you can see didn't take all the way solid. Didn't think there were many winkles in the material but will try a few more tonight.

This ideal is listed in older post of mine. The website it is from.

Still Blooming

2 plants in this pot and only is blooming now.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Even tho the weather isn't saying spring quite yet (it did for awhile but fooled us) things are blooming. The dogwood and the bluebells. We dug the bluebells up from the road ditch back in 2001. They spread and are so pretty. I love them.

If you click the pictures twice they enlarge. On my porch the goose has on her bunny outfit. She needs repainted and also some more new clothes made.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The blooms are here

After getting up and around this a.m. this is what I saw. Looks so pretty.

Monday, April 11, 2011


My son went mushroom hunting later on Sunday afternoon and he found 2o8. All morels. The ones on the right are gray ones. Total 273 so far this year. 2 times out.

Nieces 6th Birthday

Kristen was 6 yesterday and she wanted my sister to make a monkey cake with a crown on it.
That is Kristen.
Jaymee and Ryan~~random shot. Kristen made Jaymee the red/white/blue necklace.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Changed Kids bath

I had a cream rug and shower curtain in here (about the color of the wall~~curtain I had tea dyed and it washed out over time) and then I decided to add color. Not my first choice of color but with the wall paper border couldn't be to choosy. Would love to have went brown/aqua.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Comment below


I was at a Wal-Mart that I never go to yesterday and they had an aisle that had both sides with precut material. Had like 100 5" blocks, purse kits, few patterns, apron, doll kits, table runners, place mats kits and such. Not like they use to have but at least something. Another aisle had binding and quite abit of thread.

Jaymee's colors are black and lime. Really don't think it will be used for the wedding. The pink and brown I have a baby shower at the end of the month and that is the color of the nursey.

Think I will ask my local Wal-Mart if they are going to do this.

In front of garden

We brought this home from MIL's place back in spring of '96. That is an outhouse that was across the road when we brought the 5 acres there. Holds our garden stuff. (some of it)

My sons find

Ryan found 56 morel mushrooms this a.m.. A few the other day.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Goodwill ties

I got these 6 ties at Goodwill this a.m. for 25 cents each. Got 6. My friend Michelle from my MHH Family posted this ideal on the thread that she found at look in the side bar at the right and see it to click on. tie-dyed eggs

So cool I just have to try it.

Goodwill this a.m.

The dish was $1.99 (didn't really need it~~but I have dishes like this~~smewhere boxed away!) love the handles, knife 10 cents super long, big spoon 25 cents and the black satin purse 79 cents. Had been trying to find a satin one for my daughters wedding without paying alot since I won't carry it again. Total $2.44

From Sun. a.m. to Thurs. p.m.

We have several more places like this in this patch. Can't wait to eat it.