Saturday, April 23, 2011

It was a GREAT Sat. a.m.

This morning at work, I had a friend (and her husband) that I had met online through MHH stop by where I work. We only got to visit for a short time. Could of talked and talked. Such a very nice couple. It was GREAT to finally be able to meet her.

First picture is Mike and Becky and then Becky and I.


D said...

Wow. It is so neat that MHH members are meeting.

Mel said...

How nice that you got to meet.

Rhonda said...

how fun! If I come to Ill. I will look you up too, but I don't travel much, so if you end up in OK, you should look me up, OK?

hope you are having a wonderful Easter.
We had early church and will have supper at Nina's

carol1231 said...

That is so cool!