Sunday, December 13, 2009

Framed Pieces of the Old Quilts

My grandparents died in 2005 and we found these 2 old quilts in a trunk in a shed. I brought them home and washed and couldn't really decide what to do with them. They were rotted in several places and fell apart when washed. I didn't want to waste them tho. Some of the pieces have holes in them that we framed. Finally, (for the 5th Christmas without them) I decided to frame pieces for my 2 sisters and mom. Have pieces for my DD and myself to do yet. The pieces are 8X14. Also made Christmas ornaments from small pieces. Will post later.

Can click to enlarge


Belles said...

I love it all! How many GooseBerry Books do you have!? Loved you churches and noticed a lot of Christmas books.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea. How nice to share the pieces of the quilts with your family.