Sunday, July 4, 2010

Christmas Presents ---Hooded Bath Towel

This is the project that I worked on yesterday. First I was only going to use 1 towel of the same color BUT......

The ones I had seen on blogs they used one towel and then 1/2 of the hand towel sewn in the center and then you sew the hood seams down the center. Towel lengthwise.


They used one towel and the whole hand towel and then sewed it down the middle. Towel lengthwise.

I tried both of these, (the whole hand towel hood was way to big--for my liking) and I wasn't happy with either. Then I thought if I turn the towel it would be longer to wrap up in but I would need more length so I cut one towel in half for the bottom. The hood I used 1/2 a hand towel.

I had gotten enough for 4 but now I have to get 2 more towels to finish 2 up.

They are for my 2 nieces, 1 nephew and a great niece.

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