Thursday, July 1, 2010

Give Away for Christmas In July

I will hold this give away for the whole month of July. On July 31st the winner will be chosen by all the names being put in and one drawn out.

Would appreciate you posting a recipe, craft, decorating ideal, or money saving tip or tips on how you make it thru the holiday season.


You can post any type of wedding ideals. DD getting married May 21st. Colors are orange and fuschia. Any decorating (center pieces, flowers etc), favors or anything. We have alot of ideals and think most is set but this is a way to really bring different ideals in.

The shower will be an open house type of thing.

Please spread the word about the give away.

Be sure to leave an e-mail addy or a way to contact you if you should win!


Kim said...

Could you have made this easier for me? I am brimming with ideas for weddings since I myself just had one in January! First off, love the colors!

Are they doing a guest book? Instead of a traditional guest book they could frame a picture of themselves and guests could write messages on the mat. They could get an old typewriter and guests could type a line or two that you could then have bound for them with their wedding invitation, program, etc. For mine guests signed porcelain snowflakes but porcelain flowers with orange and fuschia sharpies could be cute!

Alternatives to birdseed and bubbles for the going away - dried lavender is my favorite!

Add something special and sentimental to her bouquet. My dad did a heart locket with pictures of both sets of my grandparents (who are not with us anymore) and that was tied into my bouquet. I used the pearl tiara my mom wore on her wedding day as a collar for the flowers and I had the word believe tied to a ribbon into my bouquet as well. Believe is my favorite saying.

Hope this helps. You know where to find me should you want any more information!

AKA Kim Loves Snow

happeningswithLana said...

Thanks Kim! That was so sweet of your dad to do the locket. Very nice way to tie something of your mom's into your day too.

Betsy said...

This is fun! Last year for Christmas I did something 'green' with our gifts. Instead of wrapping paper and bows, I bought inexpensive decorative Christmas boxes from Big Lots. They look like wrapped gifts but there's no time spent wrapping and no big bag of trash when it's all done...and they nest into each other for easy storage to be used over and over!

happeningswithLana said...

Betsy, that sure beats picking up all that paper!!!!

Leann said...

Well Hi Lana

You sure are on a roll this month. I haven't visiting as much as I'd like, but wanted to be sure that I made it here for this fab giveaway! Love Kim's ideas fro the bouquet. I don't have anything for the wedding and you know my secret to an organized Christmas is my notebook. I'll post about your giveaway in my sidebar.


Denise said...

Last Christmas money was very tight with it being my first Christmas as a single Mom. All 3 kids wanted to go shopping for each other and I just couldn’t figure out what to do. I came up with an idea. I took them the Dollar Tree. When we first went in I told the employees that my children will be shopping for each other and would be placing the items in a large gift back. I thought I’d better let them know what was going on first. I told each child that they had 5 dollars to spend on each of their siblings. Well off they went…it seemed like it took them forever. They would look everywhere for what they thought was perfect. They would get something and then think well maybe something else would be better.
When they finally got done I took them each through the check out line by themselves so there was no peeking. They came home wrapped their gifts and placed them under the tree.
The things that they came up with were great. The boys got their sister some bath gels and lotions. My youngest loves hippos so they found some of those in the toy section.
They told me that was they has the best time shopping. We may just do that again this year

Janelle said...

What wonderful wedding colors! You could actually use oranges in your place settings to hold name cards or as part of your centerpieces. Wonderful large Mexican paper flowers look fabulous in these colors also.
Best wishes.