Sunday, July 23, 2017

Pasta Wagon Wheel Snowflake Ornament

I have made some snowflakes before but they were single ones.  Here I go again trying to explain without a picture. :(

Spray paint the pasta and let dry.  I have used gold, white and put some very fine glitter on them and used a clear sealer. 
Make like a plus sign using 7 wheels each way.  Glue them together.
Make a X with 5 one way and then 2 on each side of the middle, glue onto bottom layer.
Attach hanger.

Try different shapes on bottom and top.

Several years ago I made Christmas trees using the wagon wheel pasta.  Painted green and the bottom one brown.  On the center of the wheels I used different colored small jewels that you purchase several in a pack.  The top I put a star jewel and a hanger.

A friend made some and used a piece of corn in the middle of each wheel.

My hangers are always fishing line.

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Pamela said...

I think I got it from your directions. Hope you get your photo-posting issue resolved.