Thursday, July 6, 2017

Lid ornament

Get 2 lids the same size--such as mayonnaise
Get 2 Christmas cards that are alike and putting the lids back to back by gluing but also put some lace inbetween so it is out and a hanging ribbon.
Glue cards inside the lids.

My son did this back in 1st or 2nd grade and used a card with deer on it.  They put some cotton inside to look like it was walking on snow.  Some of the snow glitter would be pretty to add.

Sorry no picture--hope it makes sense the way I explained it.


Lucie said...

I've seen some of those and they are quite pretty

Pamela said...

Great for photos too. A larger circle of decorative paper with a smaller circle of your child's head and shoulders or even a photo of your pet.

Mrs.T said...

That is a really neat idea, Lana!

Lisa Dryzal said...

Cute idea for my firsties!