Sunday, July 16, 2017

Flea Market, Goodwill, and Rummage

Always be on the lookout for baskets, plain white plates (platters), cake plates, silverware (big spoons, pie servers etc) that you can use to regift with food items, or bath items.  Spoons to tie onto homemade salsa, jellies, jam with raffia.


Pamela said...

I saw a beautiful wreath Nordic Ware pan at a thrift shop the other day - I didn't buy it (regretting that now) and will go back, hopefully it will still be there. It was $5.99, looked brand new, and it's anywhere from $19 to $29 online.

Vicki said...

I buy plates at Goodwill all the time. They get used in many ways at my house. Giving them with goodies to friend/neighbors is definitely one of my favorite uses for them.