Saturday, July 12, 2014

Wrappings for the Goodies

1. A coffee filter with bread wrapped and a cut out from wrapping paper, card or a label from you with ribbon.

2.  A Pringle can decorated and filled.

3.  A CD protector with a cookie in it and a ribbon and embellishment on it. 

4. This box they said came with one circle on it from the container store and they cut the other circle.  Could use a box and wrap white and use ribbon for the handle.

5.  Giving homemade tea or hot chocolate mix or other drink mix.  Present in a glass with a homemade ornament on it.  Or store brought.

6.  Can't forget the good ole canning jars for giving.  Decorate their lids with felt applique, material or scarp book paper.  With the felt or material you may want to stuff it with alittle batting.

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