Friday, July 11, 2014

What about the Fisherman On your list?

You can nicely open up a container or bag of goldfish (either put into storage bag for giving later or eat now lol) and fill it with bobbers, rubber worms, hooks, weights, lures, fishing line and maybe a gift card along in it to a favorite sporting store. Then hot glue the container shut as should be.

Could use a clear glass fish bowl, tackle box or a 5 gallon bucket to bring fish home in with a lid.

Maybe a new reel or fish basket.  Once again depends on item you are filling. Fishing magazine, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen.

Snacks could be goldfish crackers or gummy worms.


Luludou said...

Great idea. My dad would love this

The Old Parsonage said...

Just printed this off - love the idea!!! It will be great for the fishermen in our family. See today's post for all the fishermen.

Enjoy your weekend!

Vicki said...

very cute idea!