Friday, July 17, 2015

Clearence Gifts

This is the time of year to pick up gifts for gardeners on your list.  A lot of stores are putting some of the stuff on sale.  the statues for the yards, wind chimes, gloves, hand tools, etc.. Watering cans, outside cushions, plastic tablescloths can be used to make a pillow kneeler if you have somebody that could use that.

Also if you see any cute kitchen towels with BBQ themes or watermelons etc (or any...I have used BBQ theme to wrap items for the grill for people) they put these on sale too they are good to wrap gifts in.  I have used several towels over years to wrap gifts, for birthdays too.


Luludou said...

Great idea! always nice to have some new stuff. I've been thinking of adding flower seeds to the advent calendar I will be giving mom.

Pamela said...

Any clearance sale is a good time to stock the gift closet.