Friday, July 8, 2011

Small Gift Ideal

At different stores you can see the little glass mini loaf pan that sell normally for $1. Buy some and for little gifts to mailman, teachers etc.. Mix up a batch of bread banana, zucchini, chocolate, or whatever your specialty is and bake up the loaves and can be taken out and wrapped seperately and you can put butters or candies in the pan or present the bread in the pan. Alittle over $2 you have a nice gift. Or for like a $1 you can get 4 (sometimes 5) foil pans that are mini loaves and can use them for even a cheaper route if you give several miscellaneous gifts.

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Pamela said...

Michael's sells them for fall and Christmas for $1 but if you plan ahead and watch carefully, you can pick them up after the holidays for 90% off - 10 cents is an even better deal. I think I bought about 20 one year and I still have half a dozen left. You're right, a loaf of bread wrapped decoratively and presented in the pan makes a lovely gift.