Friday, July 1, 2011

Done with all

A few years ago I started on these ornaments. From quilts that I found when my grandparents passed away in a trunk that were rotted in places I saved pieces of them. Bigger pieces I framed for my mom and 2 sisters. (still have to do Jaymee's and mine) The smaller pieces I used cookies cutters and cut the pieces and sewed around the edges. Have given some for gifts to family and a couple close friends. Now I have some done for myself and Jaymee. Think I will send the first cousins one in their Christmas cards. Finished the last 13 or 14 yesterday and today.

Farther back I posted pictures of these and the 6 pieces that I framed. Sorry for the repeat but thought some new people might like them.

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Kim said...

I so wish I had the heart todo this with my falling apart beyond repair that my great grandmother made me 32 years ago. Maybe when my kids are older I will