Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wax Ornaments

potpourri burner
scented potpourri wax
colored raffia
candy molds
medicine dropper

Begin by melting wax in a potpourri burner, set aside. Next, make the hanger by cutting raffia into 7-inch lengths and placing into the top of the candy mold. Being very careful use the medicine dropper to slowly add the melted wax to the mold until filled. Place molds in freezer to harden and when completely cool and solid, ornament will easily pop out of mold.
Think I might try jute sting or even ribbon as the hanger.

I am hoping to try these. I should have SEVERAL candy molds around that my sister use to use with her ceramic business, unless when the garage and sheds were cleaned before they got pitched. Hope not there was a variety. (need cleaned AGAIN!)

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