Sunday, July 5, 2009

DH and I made this last year for my co-workers. I put it on a wreath stand and attached a pair of scissors (they hung down the middle of the wreath on curly ribbon) so they could cut the candy off. It was tied onto a grapevine base. I went to Target after Halloween and got the candy for half off. DH opened (carefully) 3 different pieces and put a $1 behind the cardboard of the candy and then closed back up and tied onto wreath with curly ribbon. I took it the first working day of December.

Picture isn't the best but you get the ideal. click for a close up view.


Cathi said...

What a great idea. I wouldn't do it for my co-workers but it might be fun for my quilt group. I could even put small pieces of fabric in some of the candy bars! Thanks for the idea.

Terry said...

Your idea is amazing....I would of never thought of something like that. That wreath would be something I would love to receive. Great Job!!!

printersdevil said...

Great job. This must have taken a long time.