Saturday, March 27, 2010

Needing Help

These are a couple of luggage handle covers I made tonight. Making 3 for DD and her 2 friends for their cruise this summer. Anyway they make up so FAST. If I haven't been trying to thread my machine for the last 20 minutes I would be done with the third one. They take less than 5 minutes for each start to finish. Anyway the only velco the stores around here have is the stick on so of course my needle got all gummy and thread broke and it looked like crap cuz the bobbin thread was all bunch up. Thought I had heard or read how to do that once but can't remember~~~~Anyone have ideals? Got this ideal for Little Birdies Secret that is on the sidebar on my blog. Under their sewing label.
Hoping it will help them find their suitcases easier!
In the one picture the full one looks bigger on one end but it is how the picture was taken at an angle. I even measured after seeing this picture!
Thanks for any help!

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Rhonda in OK said...

I had that same problem with the adhesive velcro. I have no solution for it though.
But I did find some without the adhesive and it sews on great