Sunday, May 3, 2009

I am posting a few pictures that I took today. Remember if you click picture it enlarges. See the bluebird better. That is my favorite bird.

Orange Poppies
1 of our 5 Clematiss that is blooming
Eastern Bluebird by our pasture
Eastern Bluebird our one of the blackberry post. We are taking those post out and putting it up on hedge post
5 baby bluebirds--the first fledging of the season. They will leave soon. The parents weren't happy with me messing around there.
Our kitten. It is named "Little Tommy" She just had 1 and my DH totally has taken to this one. He is even considering putting a kitty door in the new shed we are putting up for it.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely sweet! Great photos.

Ali aka Merry Sage

HDMac said...

Great pics! :)