Friday, August 24, 2012

Thursday was my day

Thursday eve my mom and I went to Mt. Vernon and to Goodwill. I was looking for something but didn't find it but got myself these 6 items plus a white beater for 18.98! I rarely get to go to Salvation Army or Goodwill but Thursday I hit both and feel pretty lucky. Love the Autumn looking skirt and the white short sleeve blouse but they are just a smidgen to tight yet. I can get them on but will look better after some more weight is gone. Have lost 51 lbs. since Dec. 29th. But will admit that July and August I haven't done as well. Not gaining but holding steady. To hot to walk and then haven't did the inside tape either BUT I will get back on track!!!!! Every once in awhile I will buy something alittle tighter and then can feel so good when it fits and is loose!

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Anonymous said...

Lana, great finds !! and you are doing great with your weight loss !!! WTG !