Sunday, August 19, 2012

Crocheted Towel Holder

I just found this on pinterest and had yarn and a hook right here (even the right size of hook) and I made it up in less than 15 minutes! This might just be a gift ideal. Will have to change yarn colors but..... I was also thinking of using a plastic ring maybe and crochet around it. Keep the towel off the counter and can change towels easily.

The picture was taken at an angle so in the first one it looks like rows are crooked. And for once they aren't! :)

Was trying to set the date on my camera and it jumped a day ahead. Also an hour ahead. Was working on that this a.m. so will have to look again.


carol1231 said...

That is a cute idea for a gift!

Leann said...

Love this idea - my aunt used to make them and give them as gifts!


Sharon said...

I think the plastic ring is a good idea! So cute!