Friday, June 17, 2011

Pecan Tree is gone

On Tuesday morning 6-14 about 6:45 our power went off. Thank goodness I was out of the shower and pretty well set for work.. When I got to the end of our road before turning onto the highway I saw why. This pecan tree sats on my moms property that was once my great grandparents land. Now it has a shed and a barn where we keep our sheep. But we had a wind come up about that time and it took the tree right down. We picked up gobs of pecans from there this past fall. :( Power came back on about 1:30 p.m.. That night we cleaned up the road and ditches but still have the mess in the yard where they dragged it all back up. That is how it broke off the stomp. This road leads into Ashley pass the grade school. School was out for the summer tho. People had to go around the highway to come in or out. Lucky it was just the tree. My great aunts say it was big when their parents moved there in the late 20's.


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

OH, I hate hearing about big, shady trees coming down. This one especially being a family tree. You will need to plant another Pecan Tree soon.

Rhonda said...

Hi Lana, that is just amazing that winds can break a huge tree like that. I am glad no one was hurt but am also sorry it won't be producing any more pecans.

life here is just a whirlwind- I have really had to let blogging slip. I am going to catch up you and your blog right now.

Anonymous said...

I remember you talking about all the pecans you picked from this tree. What a loss.