Thursday, June 23, 2011

Patio Furniture~~~Target Clearance!!!

Can double click to enlarge.

It is nothing fancy but we have been looking for 4 or 5 years and could never find anything we liked at a price we liked. I wasn't even looking yesterday when shopping with my mom and daughter and found this. Around $116. I did also get an umbrella stand for $30 but not sure if I will keep it. Might eventually get cushions if I find some I like or just recover some if I find them at yard sales or thrift stores.

Have to get a planter yet or something for the top. I ate supper out there and looked at my new Gooseberry Patch Christmas Book I got in the mail today.

The yard is not in any shape this year. Keep getting rain. Beyond the dog (Shortcake) is our so called garden. The post behind it is the blackberries and then 1 of our CRP fields. We have woods on 3 sides of us. Well, actually to the east is a fence row with openings and a road in the front of the house. Other 2 sides and across road is woods.

The first picture the bush over to the left is a rose bush that we got a small start from my MIL's when she died. Electric fence when sheep are here. Some of our sweet corn patch showing. It got washed out.

It is sitting on top of our cistern. (concrete is either 12 or 18" thick. I can't remember such things.) We don't use it now~~have city water.


Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful.

carol1231 said...

I like the furniture! Which Gooseberry book did you get? Is it a good one?