Saturday, April 28, 2012


I stopped by a sale yesterday when I got off early and knew things would be picked thru but found the plate and the little glass box that was the ladies mom and was given to her by her mom or was her moms mom.  She had quilts at $4 but they were gone.  Said her MIL made them but you can just have so many.

Material from a sale this a.m.


Leann said...

$4 for a handmade quilt? That's highway robbery - a shame that you didn't get there earlier!

Love your new found treasures though.


Sharon said...

Great finds even after the pickins! I love finding material at a yard sale or flea market!

Beeshebags said...

It would've been interesting to see what the $4 quilts were like, I saw on Fb the other day that someone had 'scored' a gorgeous quilt for $20 and it was amazing that she got it for that price, but $4 is a steal!

Score for you though on the plate and the fabric....I have a similar bandana print, also in red! But I'm thinking yours was W-A-Y cheaper than mine was!

Big hugs