Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Few pictures from my daughters

The first picture has a glare (sorry) but it is their first dance together with the lyrics cut out and put around them.
These are plates I gave Jaymee at Christmas that she put up.
Their house sits on the ground long ways so this picture goes from FR, dining area, kitchen, you pass a door to the laundry on the right, basement to the left, then a door out to the garage and back to their room. Other side is from their room a half bath, bedroom, little desk area, then full bath back out to dining area are onto another bedroom.
This is different wedding pictures and engagement pictures put up there.


Luludou said...

Lovely house! and it feels 'cosy'... must be her mom's influenc :)

Rhonda said...

Jayme's home is decorated cute and looks comfortable too.

About WWs, are you going to meetings or doing it online? just wondering, I am thinking about it but hate going to big groups

Kim said...

They have a wonderful first home together! The first dance picture with the lyrics is a neat idea.

teachermomof2 said...

Very nice house! Looks cozy and comfy! Love the idea of the lyrics around the photo. :0)

Leann said...

Hi Lana

She takes after her Mama and has made her house a home.

Happy Easter!