Wednesday, April 16, 2014


That friendly little fella got me these smiles! ��
Jaymee took these of her.  That little toy is one that always gets her smiling!

We are alittle behind planting

On Sunday the guys worked up a spot across the road and they put out some beets and onions.  A chick a dee nest is in the bluebird box.  Then is the garden behind house they planted some garlic.  Have a zillion more onions to plant and also some strawberries to get out..  We brought some plants on Sunday but they aren't out yet.  We got frost the last 3 nights.  Normally we don't at this time.  We are eating fresh asparagus and it taste so good!

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bag for 18" doll.  Not happy with the one side seam but this material slid alittle.  I made a removable stuffed pillow for inside the case.

Teigans 2nd overnight at G'mas and Grandpas

Was a fun night watching Teigan.  She slept 9:40-6:45.  She just takes everything in and is so good natured.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Anybody remember these dishes?

When we were first married (August 80) I always loved these dishes.  Of course I just admired them and then eventually they weren't in stores anymore.  A couple of weeks ago a lady had a set of 8 place settings and I got them for $20!  Got the extra pieces included.  I still really like them and they were washed and started getting used the first day I got them.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Few more sewing projects

The scarf and purple pillow case dress for my nieces 18" doll for her birthday.   Have a few more items I would like to make for her by Sunday.  The deer is a checkbook cover--had been awhile since I made us a new one.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


I was off today.  Normally I would spend the day with Jaymee and Teigan or Jaymee use to always come to our house before her.  She was born in January and have had so much cold, snow and bad days when I am off I go there or I even have to pass at times.  Today is a stormy day.  Have had 2 pass thru and more should be thru tonight.  I did go spend a couple hours with them and we went to lunch at a Pub in their town.