Saturday, August 28, 2010

Getting closer

I finally finished a fourth of 1 row and the other long row this a.m.. Now to sew it on and do the rest. I must say I have never binded a quilt before (my grandma did the denims ones that I tied). Others I have just sewed, turned and tied. The fabric I orginally got for the back is to small cuz I went bigger so will go get it this afternoon. Hope to finish this, this week-end. As I have said I am going to try to quilt this on the machine and I guess I will just go diagonally. I don't know yet.

Disregard the stain on the right side of quilt. That was this week and not sure when or how. Don't you love it when they appear!


Anonymous said...

Great job Lana! It's really cute!!

Anonymous said...

It looks great!!

Leann said...

Oh I love how it's shaping up -congrats on your progress!


Julie Harward said...

It's looking good...I just fold my edges over and sew it down. Have a nice week :D