Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Miscellaneous Shots

Teigan, swinging along with mommy.
Suet was empty so she had to fill it.
Got a package of headbands but she decided they were our
 workout bands.  G'pa, G'ma, Uncle Ryan and her had to wear them and then race .  She took an ice cone break as she calls it.
That is part of a row of peas.  We have 3 rows that are probably about 40 feet and they look like this.  Hoping to get some peas for canning and freezing.  Looking good but can always freeze yet till mid April.
Our first asparagus cutting was the 27th.  Should of cut a few more tonight.  This is the earliest I can remember cutting asparagus.  Even tho it is just alittle.


Vicki said...

She is such a sweetie, and growing up so fast! I don't know where the time goes...

Rhonda said...

Tiegen is so pretty ❤ ice cream after exercise is a great idea👍🏻

Pamela said...

Teigan is so adorable!

Diedra said...

Such a cutie!