Sunday, October 2, 2016

Miscellaneous and 2 quilt tops

Teigan gathering an egg right after the hen left the nest. With a baby chick that was hatched this past Fri./Sat.. Also her riding a horse today at a fall festival that we went to.  The 2 tops are for great nephews in Texas for Christmas.  Have one to do for a nephew here yet.  5 tops are done at a quitlers for the great nieces/nieces.  I will do the bindings.  Hope to pick them up this week and take 3 down.


Lucie said...

Beautiful quilts!
Teigan is growin up in a wonderful Young girl

Vicki said...

Teigan is growing up! She's so beautiful and the photo of her with the baby chick is so precious. Your quilt tops are awesome - they will be much appreciated and enjoyed by the recipients.