Sunday, July 10, 2016

Has Been Awhile!

My posting has been lousy lately.

Don't know why in April and May but June has been extremely busy for me.

My hubby was on a ladder back on June 5th and it broke and down he came.  He broke his left leg in 2 spots below the knee. Big and little bone and one bone came out and went back in.  He has a plate and screws and can not bear weight on it for at least 3 months if not 4.  Will see.  He had a check up last week and x-rays and all is looking good. Healing good too.  He has a boot and walker.  So in evenings or days I am off we take the boot off and he lays with it off for a few hours and we clean the wound.

A big change because he normally did the grocery shopping and supper. We have some sheep, few cows, chickens and ducks so I help some with them.  Son does a lot of it, before and after his job.  The dogs, cats, and rabbit are at our house along with some of the sheep.  The garden bit the dust already. :( Was really hoping for a good canning season. I did always help here and there outside but sure is different when you have it all.

We were in the middle of cleaning sheds and such so crap is sitting out. Inside redoing some stuff.  But it will wait.  It could of been a lot worse so I am very thankful to the Lord that it is his leg that should heal.

We did get our house sided (was taking guttering down when ladder broke) and new guttering is to get put on tom..

I hate to wish my life away but Sept./Oct. can't come fast enough!!!!


Vicki said...

Oh my goodness! I'm glad your husband was not more seriously injured and hope he'll be fully recovered soon.

Lucie said...

Glad Allen is doing much better. Things will wait.