Sunday, February 1, 2015


This quilt came to Teigan from an online friend.  I happen to run across a blog about 10 years ago (this summer) with the name of my favorite bird and started following it.  Happens I won one of her give aways and we have became friends.  We write and call each other once in a great while.  She is a very talented sewer of handbags (I won one and then received one for a b'day gift) and she also does quilts.  This quilt is so pretty with the material choice and also the pretty quilting pattern.  A very nice size.  Teigan has already put her doll on it, has use it on the floor and we covered up with it at nap time. 

Teigan is very proud of herself that she found my cell phone.  Only to have it taken away very shortly and then she got the camera so along with remote things were put up.

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Vicki said...

What a beautiful gift! Teigan is a lucky girl!