Thursday, August 8, 2013

Which Bone Are You???

Someone has said that there are four kinds of BONES in
every organization.

      There are WISHBONES who spend their time
           wishing someone else would do the work....

                 There are the JAWBONES who do all the talking
                       but very little else....

                           Next there are KNUCKLEBONES who
                                knock everything down anyone ever
                                     tries to do....

                                  And finally, there are the
                                        BACKBONES who get under the
                                             load and do the work!!!


Bloggymom said...

I am a backbone. Cute poem!!

Vicki said...

Haha, very cute!

Luludou said...

Nice poem! am a backbone too :)

Anonymous said...

Love this poem your grandmother left you. Ahorsesoul

Rhonda Sue said...

Most of the time I am a backbone

But sometimes I am a sit on my tailbone