Sunday, May 26, 2013


Shorty and the stray cat that has been here over a year.  She is the cat that had 3 babies back inside his doghouse about a month ago.  About a week ago she moved them down to the sheep shed.  She doesn't let people get to close to her.  She is getting better. (babies in other picture are from another cat that is ours) She still comes up and spends time with Shorty.

Rose bush that was my mother in laws.  Shed died in '95 and we we brought it home.  Was small then.  It is really loaded.

Last picture is of an Baltimore Oriole.  We have them every year and I put out orange halves and grape jelly and I do believe this is the first time I have seen them using eating any.  They love to try to get into our hummingbird feeder, even tho we have an Oriole feeder.  I love tghe bright orange on the birds.


Luludou said...

Beautiful nature pictures!

Leann said...

that first photo is adorable! And your MILs rose bush is beautiful!

Thanks for all the wedding well wishes - 1 week to go!