Sunday, December 2, 2012

More I got done......

Made 15 more  bags of reindeer feed so that is 79 for this year. 

The ornaments are for friends from 2 funerals.  I got the flowers after I knew the family had theirs and let them dry several months. Normally I get a picture and shrink them down and put some inside (like in the green ribbon ones) and then I will take a picture and put it on fishing line and around the green ribbon.  Waiting for Allen to find the line--can't find what I had in craft room.

The last couple ornaments I made are from the water beads from my daughters wedding which was 5-21-11!  They are hard little pellets and then you put into water and they swell up.  They bounce and can break open.  Come in several colors. We have 1 full 5 gallon bucket and one that is either 3/4 or 1/2 full of them.  I will put black/lime green ribbon on them yet.  We had them in glass cylinders and then a greenish tea light in them with other decorations on about half the tables.

Slowing getting stuff done for the holidays!


Leann said...

What thoughtful sentimental gift Lana - perfect!


Sharon said...

Such wonderful gifts! Your tree is beautiful too!

Luludou said...

They are great gifts...lots of crafting going on at your house.