Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Candid shots

Sedum seems to have alot of caterpillars liking it

We are starting to pick some fall cucumbers

Last night Allen caught 2 of our sheep for a guy that was going to take them to his farm today and bring them back tonight but something must of went wrong at the farm because he had to cancel. The white one is Frosty and Wombles is the brown one. Wobbles was raised by Jaymee. We really thought she wouldn't make it and Jaymee took her and cared for her. She is so tame.

The cats are a mother (the more colored one) and daughter.


Anonymous said...

Was he taking Wobbles for good or just going there for a visit? Had a great time with you today and mom.

happeningswithLana said...

His farm was going to be blessed and he wanted some sheep on it so was going to use Frosty and Wobbles. But ended up taking none.

Leann said...

Love the animals, they do make a person feel loved when you have something to take care of,