Sunday, January 17, 2010

Homemade vanilla

Back in August of '08 (31st) I started a bottle of homemade vanilla to give as gifts that Christmas. I had read several different things about starting it and such and this is what I did.
Got a bottle (5th) of Vodka, purchased vanilla beans (I got mine off of e-bay), we slit them open to expose the SMALL vanilla beans inside, cut them in half and put into the bottles that I gave as gifts. I put 2 vanilla beans in each 4 oz. container that I gave. You put them in a dark dry place and shake them daily for the first month and after that I shook them about 3 times a week. Closer to Christmas I strained them to get the seeds out but left the beans in.
Have read where you can use Brandy and Rum (for deeper color) also but it will turn brown with the vodka. They say as you use the vanilla down refill with vodka and it will keep infusing.
I did not give any this past Christmas and I guess a couple people where looking for it. So thought I would start this batch now (11 months ahead instead of 3 3/4 months like last time to let it have more taste).
This go around I am using the 2 vodka bottles with half in each and will keep shaking it in there and then closer to Christmas will put into containers. I have about 8 1/2 beans in each bottle.
Can also use fresh or beans taken from vanilla and make vanilla sugar. Today I took some of the old beans from the one bottle and put then in sugar to try. Threw others out. Wish I would of kept them to do more sugar. Will have to order more.
Pictures are showing:
Vodka I used (they say whether it is cheap or higher the taste depends on the bean. So I have read)
vanilla beans
slitted beans
see the little beans falling (click to enlarge picture to see them)
look at the seeds in the bottom of the bottle after 1 shake

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Anonymous said...

This is such a great idea..I may have to give it a try.