Saturday, November 7, 2009

My grandparents

These are the pictures of my loving grandparents! The first picture was taken when they got married on November 7, 1932 and the last picture was taken at my younger sisters wedding in May 2002. They died in 2005, 14 weeks apart and were married almost 72 years. G'ma always told me how she didn't get her first wedding ring (a band) until spring. Years later she got a silver band with just a few tiny diamonds in it. They were 92 and 93. (1912) Grandpa still drove every day to see her in the nursing home and to feed her. He was lost when he put her in. He took care of her at home for a few years but was to hard on him. He still did his own laundry, mowing and cooking.

I was very close to my grandpa and grandma Schubach. My older sister and I lived with them and my dad until I was in 3rd. Left for a short time in there when dad remarried a second time but then in 3rd grade he married again (3rd time and I call her mom). My grandparents taught me alot about life, such as honesty, how to respect others, the importance of family and a good marriage and also the blessing of getting to know the Father and how important it is to have him in your life.

Grandpa and Grandma, I miss you terribly but will see you again. Love yous!

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