Friday, September 11, 2009

Flea Market Finds

At the Royal Neighbors flea market I got these. The pictures are Mary Engelbriets. They are big. They were $3 each and the shelf was 50 cents. Not as good as Rhonda's deals!!!! Will repaint the shelf. Have a room that I am hoping to do into a family room and want it to be white, yellow and blue with an outside feel so the pictures will work. Have been wanting this room done since we have moved here ( 22 yrs. since we built here. It is the covered breezeway between house and garage) so I have stuff stored for it. DH has promised it will be next after the shed addittion and we get stuff sorted. Of course, I have no money now. Will be very interesting when we clean and sort to see just how much I do have for this room. I am sure WAY to much.

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